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RBI's "Triple Dubs Breakfast"

Farm to Table... made to order

River Belle Inn's highly acclaimed "Triple Dubs Breakfast"  just recently was ranked #4 in all of both the Napa and Sonoma County by Fodor's Travel Magazine with farm-to-table offerings daily.

Our exclusive "Triple Dubs Breakfast" answers the "(W)hat, (W)hen, and (W)here" for the start of your day!

You tell us...
- What you want to eat from our delightful and daily menu....
- Where you want to eat (in your room, the Belle's formal Dining Room, the River Room, the Inn's expansive covered porch, or the river front patio in the outdoor gardens)....
- When breakfast is served daily 8 - 10 am

Our locally sourced and organic breakfast menu is bound to start your day off right.

Whether you are overlooking the river from the River Room / River Patio or enjoying your meal in your room, you'll love our breakfasts! 

*We are happy to work with your dietary restrictions. If you have any special requests for breakfast please contact the front desk so we can accommodate your reservation. 

One of our rotating current menus of delight!

Today's Menu:


            River Belle Inn Breakfast                

“Triple Dubs Breakfast”   Menu

Guest 1  __________________         Food       ___________________ Guest 2

____  _____________Chef’s Special (see kitchen board) ___________   _____

_____  ___________Isabelle’s Caprese Pesto Omellette  __________   _____

 _____  ___  Sante Fe Breakfast Plate – Eggs -Blackbeans - Chorizo__  _____

_____  __________  Sweet Apple Sausage Quiche  _______________  _____

_____  __________  Strawberry Crème Cheese Crepes  ___________  _____

_____  ___________Winter Park Denver Omellette ________________  _____

_____  _____ Belgian Waffle w/ Blueberries & Chantilly Cream  ______  _____

_____  _________________  Scrambled Eggs  ___________________  _____

_____  ___________________  Over Easy  ______________________  _____

_____  _____________________  Bacon  _______________________  _____

_____  ______________________  Ham  _______________________   _____

_____  __________________  Chef’s Potatoes  __________________  _____

_____  _________________ Sourdough Toast  ___________________  _____

_____  __________________ Wheat Toast  _____________________  _____

_____  _______________  Chef’s Daily Pastry  ___________________  _____

_____  _______________  Yogurt Granola Parfait  ________________  _____


_____  _____________  Hot Fresh Brewed Coffee  ________________  _____

_____  _____________ Hot Tea w/ honey or lemon  _______________  _____

_____  ______ Fresh Squeezed California Orange Juice  ___________  _____

_____  ___________  Sonoma County “Clover” Whole Milk  _________  _____

_____  ______  Sonoma County “Oliver’s Own” Apple Juice  ________   _____

_____  __________________  RBI Fruit Smoothie  ________________  _____


River Patio      River Rm:       Dining Room      Room Service      Covered Porch 


8:00                   8:30                    9:00                      9:30                   10:00 

*  special dietary upon request, contact lobby/front desk

*  please leave menu on your door clip the night before*

*  before placing your order, please inform us if anybody in your party has any food allergies




The "Belle's Happiest Hour"

Daily Complimentary Happy Hour:

Featuring local wines (special local winery pourings)

Creative seasonal small bites, appetizers, local cheeses/crackers.

.... tired of drinking wine all day? 

Try our:

Exclusive RBI microbrews beers on tap, (special brews for the RBI from our favorite "CraziEd Brews" of Half Moon Bay)

or our

"Belle's" Lemon or Orange iced water

All this served daily on the main floor in Kelly's wine parlour and beer pub or River Room from 5pm – 6pm, (ish)


 *Subject to change. Inquire at front desk for details. 


"Dinner is Served" ! ..... here at the River Belle Inn

Safe / Secure / Warm ........ wonderful !!

Love to eat at that favorite restaurant here in Healdsburg? ......

..... but, you don't want to eat outside in the winter weather?

River Bell Inn has you covered!

We are announcing our new "Dinner is Served" program.  We have partnered with the best restaurants here in town to make your dining experience this winter a warm, safe, secure, fun relaxing time while you stay.

We now offer options that stem from you picking up your food, bring it back to the Inn, serve yourself with the restaurant supplied utensils, (not our recommended tho) to ..... simply make your order, we can arrange the pick up, plate and serve to you in your choice of our seven dining areas, warm, safe, easy, and delicious!

 Our seven eating areas ;

Interior Dining Experiences

1.  Isabelle's Dining Room ;  (one room or household per seating)

2.  Russian River Room ; (one room or household per seating)


Music Room ; (one room or household per seating)

Kelly's Wine Parlour ; (one room or household per seating)

5.  Room Service 


Exterior Dining Experiences (weather permitting)


6. Russian River Patio ; plenty of space overlooking the river


7. Belle's Covered Porch ; plenty of space, covered roofed


Our Four Dinner at the Inn options

#1 Standard Dinner Service ;  "Free do it yourself"                            $   0.00

     You bring back your meal, serve yourself with the restaurant supplied utensils here at the Inn. 

# 2 Premium Dinner Service ;                                                             $ 45.00

      You bring back your meal, we will plate & serve on our dinnerware in your  dining area of choice

#3  Ultra Dinner Service ;                                                                     $ 75.00

      You order your meal, we do the rest.  We arrange pick up and delivery, we plate & serve on our dinnerware at your preferred dining area, we bus and  cleanup

#4  Diamond Dinner Service :                                                               $ varies

      You order your meal, the Restaurant brings over the meal, they plate and serve with their own waiting staff at your preferred dining area. Note ; this      option is only available with some restaurants and priced independently.      Contact the Front Desk Concierge to arrange.


Details :

1.  You must be a guest of the River Belle Inn

2.  Your dining option must be submitted and approved 48 hrs. prior to your      arrival date

3.  Of course no corkage fee .... bring that special find wine!

4.  Dining Options must be submitted and approved through our Front Desk at    707-955-5724

5.  You must sit back, relax, enjoy your meal, and have fun!



Thomas, Mitzi, the RBI family ........ and of course Mia