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The wedding experience at the River Belle is truly like no other. We accommodate events up to 100 people, and will diligently work with you to make your special day all that you have ever dreamed of. 

We can offer all or partial on-site services including catering, flowers, photography, music, etc.  

We are only offering the eight exclusive wedding experiences at the River Belle Inn in 2018/2019. The basic wedding experience package includes the three night stay of the complete Inn, (twelve rooms / 26 people) and the one day, (8 hrs.) venue use of the river front grounds for the main event.

The 2019 dates have not been chosen yet so we can try to accommodate your schedule as well.

Priced as follows:

Fall/Winter Weekend:                $ 24,000

Fall/Winter Midweek:                 $ 20,000

Spring Weekend:                       $ 30,000

Spring Midweek:                        $ 26,000

Summer Weekend:                    $ 36,000

Summer Midweek:                     $ 32,000


Please contact Thomas at

707-955-5724 or info@riverbelleinn.com

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